EarthWeek Event Sign-Up
April 19 - 25

The Hailey Climate Action Coalition (HCAC) is pulling together local businesses, non-profits and individuals who would like to share their knowledge and skills with residents interested in finding personal solutions to address climate change.  HCAC will coordinate local climate events around the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and provide local advertising and promotion for this  EarthWeek of Climate Action Events.   Events will take place throughout the Valley.


HCAC will include all registered events in their promotions and advertising that;

  • Emphasize “solutions” to climate change issues as a major component of their presentations

  • Provide plastic-free, environmentally “friendly” dishware or swag 

  • Use local foods as much as possible for restaurants or cooking classes and 

  • Reduce, reuse and/or recycle (in that order of preference) all necessary materials for the event


Completing the form below indicates understanding and acceptance of the stipulations above.

Brief Description of Presentation/Event (including maximum # of participants per event and who they should contact to reserve a spot, if spots are limited or if there is a cost)
Note: Presenter is responsible for arranging a venue, all registrations and associated costs
How does your topic/presentation provide potential solutions to the problems associated with climate change?
Preferred Time Slots should include DATE and TIME (e.g., April 20, 10AM-12PM). If you would like to offer your event more than once, include date and time information for all offerings.
(provide two possible choices per presentation.)